Officers, officials and volunteers of Haryana Home Guards are providing assistance to Police department and various wings of District Administration in maintenance of law and order, security and traffic control. Guarding of vital installations and performing security duties at Universities, Boards, Corporations and other Government departments are also some of the work assigned to them. The continued reliance of Police authorities and other organisations on Home Guards for maintenance of public order and security is a tribute to the organisation.

In case of any prolonged disease ,any disability or if any mishappening happens to the homeguard volunteers, certain welfare’s is being given to them. Following is the link below that depicts about the same:


Haryana government provide payment of 5,00,000 Rs. compensation in the form of ex-gratia to the kin of homeguard volunteers in case of Death.

The payment of compensation in the form of ex-gratia lump sum to the member of the Haryana Home Guards who suffer injuries while on duty or under training, gets from 50,000 to 1,00,000Rs depending upon the criticality of injury.

Following are the links below that gives the brief description about ex-gratia: